We are pleased to offer Free templates for Raffle tickets and Chinese Auction cards.  These templates are Free of charge and there are
no strings attached, so we do ask that you understand that we will not be held responsible for any inconveniences that may occur.  
You will be prompted to read our Disclosure and click on an “I Agree” button before being able to download your templates.

We do recommend that you trace and copy the raffle ticket paper format and make copies on plain white paper to run test samples, so
as to avoid any errors with your actual raffle ticket paper stock.  Be sure to cut down any paper where the actual ticket stock is a
different size other than 8.5” X 11” so that you will receive true results with your test samples.  We will not replace or refund for any
paper stock due to any inconveniences that may occur due to using these templates, again we are offering these templates to our
customers as a basic template to assist you in your ticket printing needs.  We do not guarantee these templates in any way, as they
are for your convenience.

These templates open in Microsoft Excel, so your computer will need to have a version of Excel to utilize our templates.

Attention:  Due to information gathered from some of our customers and from HP printer support technicians, we do advise that
these templates do not print correctly on HP printers.  HP tech support has advised us that their printers are set up differently than
other brand printers.  If you have the knowledge and ability to go into your printer settings and make adjustments, we are told by HP
technicians that you can set up your HP printer to print them correctly.
Free Raffle Ticket Templates
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